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Simon Wolff Sleep Set


Includes: Two (2) Chiller Ba-Bombs, One Exfoliating Bath Pouf, Simon Wolff Sleep Mask, One Candle, One plush, retro-vibe vegan leather Simon Wolff Vanity Bag, Rubber Ducky

Simon Wolff SLEEP SET contains everything you’ll need to tune in, turn on, and drop out. 

If what you need is some ever-elusive deep sleep, our prescription is one dose of The Chiller, our ultra-relaxing CBD bath Ba-Bomb. Just drop it into a hot bath and let your troubles fade away. Our specially-curated blend of essential oils combined with 60 mg of calming, soothing, pure CBD provides total body relaxation and encourages deeply restorative sleep. To make sure you’re as mellow as humanly possible, light up the stress-busting lavender-scented candle and buff away your problems with the exfoliating bath pouf. And never forget to unload on your bathtime therapist, the rubber ducky, who will keep you company while you soak! 

We’re responsible for creating hardcore bath addicts. And we couldn’t be prouder.

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