Zoom Simon Wolff Play Set
Zoom Simon Wolff Travel Bag

Simon Wolff Play Set


Includes: Two (2) Go Get 'Em Killer Ba-Bombs, One Dry Body Brush, One Candle, One plush, retro-vibe vegan leather Simon Wolff Vanity Bag, Rubber Ducky

Simon Wolff PLAY SET contains everything necessary to motivate you to crush your goals, even when you don’t wanna do any crushing.

When you need something to rock your entire world, something to get your butt up and out of your PJs and back into the sunlight (or at least the living room), try Simon Wolff PLAY SET. Take one Go Get 'Em Killer, our ultra-energizing CBD Bath Ba-Bomb, and *PLOP* it into a hot bath to start things up. For more get up and go, burn the orange-blossom-scented candle and give your blahs the brush off with the dry body brush. This will help remove any quarantine grime, while simultaneously stimulating your lymphatic system and giving you your smoothest, softest skin evah

We’re responsible for creating hardcore bath addicts. And we couldn’t be prouder.

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