Zoom Get You Off Lip Balm
Zoom Get You Off Lip Balm
Zoom Get You Off Lip Balm
Zoom Get You Off Lip Balm

Get You Off Lip Balm


Regular lip balm can be like that bad lover we just can’t quit. Never fear. Simon Wolff is here to help Get You Off.

Stuck in an apply-soothe-dry-reapply cycle? Our lips love the feel of a good lip balm. It’s immediately moisturizing, soothing, and feels great on our pretty pouts. If a little is good, more must be better. Except it isn’t. The dreaded chapped, dry, cracking feeling visits when we lose moisture through the lips. Which is our Pavlovian signal to put on MORE lip balm, making our lips finally feel better... for a moment.

The problem is there’s more than just balm in what you’re putting on your lips. Lip balms often contain lip-irritating flavors and fragrances, which start the cycle! Botanically, the barrier formed by the ointment stops the water loss causing the discomfort. But with the continual application, you’re reapplying the irritant that’s causing the problem. So when you apply more lip balm to get immediate relief, you’re actually exacerbating the problem! This starts the lip balm “addiction” cycle – and it feels impossible to get off!

Never fear! Simon Wolff’s Get You Off Lip Balm is here to rescue you. Our lip balm is filled with ingredients that help soothe and moisturize lips but is FREE of irritating fragrances and flavors that suck you back into the never-ending lip balm cycle. We've replaced the addictive fillers and fragrances with our favorite “magic” ingredient…CBD, resulting in a deeply hydrating lip balm that’s mega-boosted with the inflammation-busting power of CBD.  

Simon Wolff’s Get You Off Lip Balm gets you off the lip balm merry-go-round for good. And more importantly, it gets your lips back in tip-top shape. Toss your bad old irritating lip balms once and for all and give Get You Off a try. Break free and give your lips the soft, supple look you (and they) deserve!

Beeswax, Cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera gel, hemp-derived CBD, birch, white willow, arnica, black pepper, ginger root, garlic, frankincense, turmeric, celery seed, amino acids.

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