Simon Wolff was born out of a simple fact; most people, including us, have drawers full of products that have cruelly let us down by not delivering on their promises. Beauty products, fitness recovery products, bath products, sexual health products, you name it, we had it. Tired of being disappointed, we decided to take our shared years of independent research and trial and error (so. many. errors.) and to create and curate effective, enjoyable, and healthy products that do exactly what they promise. And then we realized, why keep it to ourselves? Why not share? So, just to be sure Simon Wolff products wouldn't end up shoved in anyone's drawer, we gave out a ton of samples and asked only for brutal honesty in return. And the honesty rolled in; along with words like "complete and utter magic," "my husband wants stock in your company," and "the tub is my new happy place,”… the word we heard most was, “FINALLY.”