Our Story


What bonds Erin Simon and Michelle Wolff is their passion for all things authentic and unconventional. Above all else, they value personal freedom and expression, frank discussions about sexual health, and the pursuit of feeling good.

Erin, a former TV and feature film executive/writer/producer (and self-diagnosed beauty product addict), has been engaged in the lifelong search for the perfect lotions, potions and serums for her beauty and wellness needs. She’s always had an insatiable desire to open new dialogues around body and sex positivity, becoming a certified Intimate Health Advisor to more fully educate herself about sexual wellness. And as a dedicated cannevangelist, Erin is obsessed with developing and providing state-of-the- art, highly effective CBD formulas for every body and every occasion.

Michelle is an innate healer and a natural competitor. Not only is she a certified fitness trainer and a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, she is a gifted body-worker whose clientele includes a long list of celebrities and professional athletes. Her passion for healing the body and achieving optimal wellness has kept her ever on the hunt for the newest, most effective modalities in healing and rejuvenation.

Together, they are Simon Wolff; an entity committed to creating and curating effective, enjoyable, and healthy products that do exactly what they promise.

Our Philosophy

Simon Wolff was born out of a simple fact. Most people (including us) have drawers packed with beauty, bath, fitness recovery and sexual health products that have all cruelly let us down. They all make promises that can't deliver on. Tired of being disappointed and spending money on unusable products, we decided to take our shared years of independent research to create and curate effective, enjoyable, and healthy products that do exactly what they promise. For real. But just to be sure Simon Wolff products wouldn't end up shoved in anyone's drawer, we first gave out a bunch of samples and asked only for brutal honesty in return. And, oh boy, did the honesty roll in, along with words like "complete and utter magic!" "my husband wants stock in your company," and "the tub is my new happy place.” But one word we heard the most was, “FINALLY!” We couldn't be more thrilled that women and men are finding our products to be life-changing. And we promise to continue to create Simon Wolff products that get used and loved. And never see the inside of a drawer.   

Our favorite discovery?
Topical CBD.

We couldn’t ignore CBD’s near-magical abilities to reduce inflammation, soothe pain, aid with longer and deeper sleep, and superior support for the basic feel-good (and feel-better) systems in our bodies. We also saw CBD's capacity to boost sexiness in the bedroom and relaxation in the bathtub. Our luscious, water-based Sex Elixir makes dryness a distant memory. And when married with CBD, a natural vasodilator to heighten the entire experience, it’s a serious sexy-time game-changer. Our CBD-infused bath Ba-Bombs melt away your stress, aches and pains so well it's almost criminal. We encourage you to give Simon Wolff products a go. We promise, we’re not what you’re used to.