Zoom PreGame/Post Game Dynamic Duo
Zoom PreGame/Post Game Dynamic Duo

Pre-Game/Post-Game Dynamic Duo


Want the Full Game Advantage? Grab the set. $85

Pre-Game Advantage Spray

Pain sucks. Whether your pain is from the playing field or the gym or just living in a human body, pain can and will bring your game way down. Simon Wolff’s Pre-Game Advantage Spray stops pain where it starts: inflammation. Our CBD-infused spray directly targets your vulnerable spots – joints, muscles - and helps keep inflammation at bay. It’s completely odorless – not a whiff of menthol or eucalyptus - and it’s colorless so it won’t stain your clothing or favorite workout gear. Spray on just minutes before you start your day or your game and give your body a well-deserved Pre-Game Advantage.

2 Fl Oz (59 ML)
25 MG Pure Hypoallergenic CBD


Post-Game Recovery Cream

Feeling sore is a chore. Soreness, stiffness, and pain drain your energy and your joy. At the end of the day (or your game), Simon Wolff’s Post-Game Recovery Cream brings relief right where you need it. Massage it directly onto your sore, stiff, overworked muscles and joints and let our cold-pressed CBD get right to work helping to relieve inflammation and pain on the spot. Very lightly scented with just a hint of citrus – no overpowering eucalyptus vibes here – and put your pain to bed. Itchy, irritated, chafed skin? Post-Game Recovery Cream has got that covered, too. Our clients call it magic. We call it an essential tool in your self-care arsenal.

2 Fl Oz (59 ML)
25 MG Pure Hypoallergenic CBD

Analysis Report available here. 

A Note to Our Customers: 

The scent and packaging of our Pre-Game and Post-Game Advantage products may seem familiar to those of you who are already using our essential foot-care products, Stiletto Elixir and AfterParty Potion. However, you can rest assured that these products are formulated very differently. 

We use a single, specifically-developed strain of CBD in our foot products to ensure these products are gentle on the tender skin of your feet. 

We use our proprietary blend of multiple strains of CBD in our Pre-Game and Post-Game products to most effectively and aggressively treat pain and soreness in the rest of your body. 

If you have questions about these (or any of our other products), please reach out to us at info@SimonWolffCBD.com

We love to hear from you!

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