Taking Foreplay Off the Menu? Think again.

What if there’s no “fore” and it’s ALL play?

From the moment we begin - the amuse bouche, if you will - through the appetizers, entrees and orgasmic desserts.... what if I told you that all of that is all equally delicious? Guess what? I’ve got new for you: IT IS ALL EQUALLY DELICIOUS!

Granted, a long runway is especially important for some women to feel excited and turned on enough to enjoy penetrative sex. But then this definition of foreplay assumes that penetrative intercourse is the definition of sex. And I’ve got more news for you: that’s super heteronormative AND limiting for everyone (Including heterosexuals).

“I call them ‘arousal activities’,” says one sexpert. “For instance, some LGBTQ couples do not engage in penetration and consider other things like oral sex as the main event. Therefore, calling oral sex “foreplay” could be a noninclusive way of looking at sex.”

For heterosexual couples, looking at foreplay as just a vehicle to get to Destination: Intercourse can often make it seem like a woman’s pleasure is less important than a man’s orgasm via vaginal or anal intercourse.

In other words, sex doesn’t have to be a linear experience starting with a kiss and ending up with intercourse.

As long as consent is involved, any activity that gets a person aroused enough to have fun is “foreplay,” but doesn’t it make more sense to look at it ALL as play?

Xx- Simon Wolff