Masturbation as Meditation?

Question: can we reach Enlightenment while Jilling Off or Charming the Cobra?
Focusing on sexual sensations is as valid to meditate on as your breath or a mantra. Stay plugged into what you hear, taste, see, smell, or feel. Solo sex might be the perfect meditation hack for people with less experience with meditation. Stimulating that great big bundle of nerves makes it VERY easy to focus your attention. It’s hard to let your mind wander when you're blissed out on the tingle in your Happy Parts. And as the brain shuts down the cacophony of our daily in-head chaos, the body's relaxation response kicks in. 
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Research says that meditation can bring on delightful effects like decreased 
inflammation, heart rate, and blood pressure. One recent study found that mindfulness may work by lighting up sections of the brain responsible for controlling stress and focus. Meanwhile masturbation—or more specifically, sexual arousal—releases a scrumptious cocktail of healthy hormones that increase your heart rate and blood pressure, at least temporarily. So masturbation and meditation aren't EXACTLY the same. But both practices have the effect of dialing down stress and tension and minimizing pain, so there's definitely an overlap. 
Sex Elixer, Simon Wolff, Maturbation
Caveat: A quick 30-second Ménage à One doesn't always qualify as mindful. There should be a leisurely yet intense quality to meditative masturbation. It's important to take your time and give the practice some dedicated space. (Bath time?) This isn't just about what happens in or around your vulva, vagina, anus, or penis but the feelings that emerge evvveryyywhere throughout your body.
So in case you’re still wondering? YES! Masturbation as meditation can definitely be one of the Roads to Nirvana.