Make Your CBD Topical!

Rather than ingesting CBD orally, which will affect the whole body and can take up to two (or more!) hours to take effect, the topical application of CBD allows it to be absorbed directly into any area you wish for fast and focused relief.

Did you know that topical CBD is never absorbed into the bloodstream? Truth.

Additionally, because hemp oil helps to improve your skin’s lipids, it also offers anti-aging properties! The essential fatty acids protect our skin from free radicals, which works to prevent damage that can come with age.

CBD-infused sprays, lotions, potions and salves can be massaged into trouble spots, tired joints, overworked muscles - anywhere it’s needed, really - all throughout the day for immediate relief whenever you need it... putting the powerful healing properties of CBD directly in your hands. Now that's the kind of power I like.

xx- Simon Wolff